The Light, The Stones and The Sacred : Proceedings of the XVth Italian Society of Archaeoastronomy Congress (Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings 48) [Catania – 11-12 settembre 2015]

Antonello, Elio – Foreword,pp.v-vi 

Orlando, Andrea – Preface,pp.vii-viii 

Tusa, Sebastiano – Archaeoastronomy in Sicilian Prehistory,pp.3-22 

Maurici, Ferdinando;Polcaro, Vito Francesco ; Scuderi, Alberto – The ‘Campanari’: Big Artificially Pierced and Astronomically Oriented Rocks in the South Territory of Monte Iato (Sicily),pp.23-45 

Orlando, Andrea;Tanasi, Davide – The First Archaeoastronomical Study of the Maltese Temple of Borġ In-Nadur,pp.47-61 

Lanciano, Nicoletta;Cicciarelli, Eleonora – The Criticisms of Claudius Ptolemy to Marinus of Tyre in the ‘Geographia’ and the Geographical Data of the Meridian Line of St. Nicholas in Arenis, Catania (Sicily),pp.63-77 

Orlando, Andrea;Gori, Davide – Archaeoastronomical Analysis of the Temple of Diana to Cefalù (Sicily),pp.79-94 

Hannah, Robert;Magli, Giulio ; Orlando, Andrea – New Insights on the Akragas’ Complex of Demeter and Persephone: The Role of the Moon,pp.95-106 

Monaco, Marzia;Carnevale, Flavio ; Ranieri, Marcello – A Study on the Orientation of Greek Theatres,pp.107-121 

Orlando, Andrea – Argimusco: Cartography, Archaeology and Astronomy,pp.123-155 

Antonello, Elio – The Palaeolithic Sky,pp.159-164 

Guglielmino, Salvo L.;Cipolla, Paolo B. ; Rizzo Giudice, Innocenza – Astronomy in the Odyssey: The ‘Status Quaestionis’,pp.165-180 

Bonacci, Lucia – ‘Ratio Siderum’ in Pliny the Elder: Pleiades, Light and Wheat,pp.181-191 

Dallaporta, Annamaria;Marcato, Lucio – The Figure of the Astrologer in Ancient India: A Practice Verging on the Sacred,pp.193-203 

Gandolfi, Giangiacomo – The Star of the Sibyl: Analysis and History of a Late Medieval Illustrated Prophecy,pp.205-219 

Adamo, Angelo – STARing the Sky in the Face: Recognizing the Constellations in a Sky Which Does not Have Any,pp.221-233 

Chirri, Maurizio;Lombardi, Livia ; Ruggiero, Ludovica ; Fabrizi, Lucilla – The App STAR: An Important Instrument for Creating the First Spreading Thematic Museum on the Archaeoastronomy in Rome,pp.235-245