XVI° Convegno Milano 2016

Aims and scope:
The XVI Congress of the Italian Society for Archaeoastronomy (SIA) will offer the opportunity of a dialogue between different cultures on the relationship between man and cosmos in human civilizations, from prehistoric epoch to the present day. In particular, in recent years the studies on Roman Archaeoastronomy received a considerable boost, as well as those on Roman architecture both of buildings and of entire landscapes. The meeting will bring together specialists in these and related fields.
Proceedings: Acceptance of the talk does not imply publication on Proceedings, which will be peer-reviewed on their own. Only papers presented at the meeting can be submitted for the Proceedings.
Official Languages: English and Italian (with slides in English) for the talks, English only for the proceedings.
Quis dubitet post haec hominem coniungere caelo? (Manilio, Astronomica, II, 105)

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